Mineko Kojima is resident organist at Myoufukuji Temple in Tokyo from 2014.
She graduated in music (organ) from Tamagawa University and earned her Master’s Degree at Musashino College of Music.
She received grants from the Foundation of Mr. Naoaki Fukui.
She completed the organ internship at Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall in 2003.
She has participated in master courses in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France,Spain and USA.
Her studies have been with Tetsurou Tominaga, Shigeru Itou, Takashi Sakai, Teruhisa Fujieda, Makiko Hayashima, Hatsumi Miura and Genzou Takehisa. She studies spanish organ music with Andrés Cea.
She performs in organ recitals, and appears with ensembles and orchestras in various cities in Europe, USA and Japan.
She also plans and organizes the concerts.
She was resident organist at tsukiji Honganji in 2005-2014.
Currently she is teaching at Musashino University in Tokyo.